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Tutorial – How to make a product mock-up in Photoshop

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Here is a short and fast way to create a mockup of a product in photoshop.
I am using Photoshop CS5
Sometimes it’s handy to show a client what an illustration could look like on a product.
An effective way to show them is by making a mock-up of your illustration on an actual product. This tutorial shows a quick way on how to do that.
I used one of my illustrations on a plate as an example.

What you need.
1) a background image (optional) – In my case a photo of a wooden floor.
2) a photo of a white product. In my case a plate.
3) your design/artwork.

Step 1:
?Open a file in photoshop – use any size you desire.
Tip: create an 8″x11″ or A4 sized file so the client will be able to print your work right away.
? Copy & Paste your background photo in your photoshop file.

Step 2:
? Copy & Paste the photo of the plate in your photoshop file.

Step 3:
You don’t have to do this, but using this technique will enhance your mock-up.
Desaturate the layer that contains the photo of the plate.
?In Photoshop in the menu – GO TO >> image > adjustments > hue / saturation.
You can decide in the panel how much you want to desaturate the plate.
?But if you want to desaturate the layer a 100% GO TO >> image > adjustments > desaturate.

Step 4:

We are going to make a folder with a mask for your product.
? First create a new folder in your layers panel and call it PLATE.
? Then drag the layer with your plate into that folder.
? Then select the Ellipse tool from your tools panel.

? Drag a round cirkle over your plate. Make sure it covers the plate and follows the contours correctly. The colour of this shape doesn’t matter.

? Click on the paths panel (GO TO >> windows > paths) and click on the layer that contains the ellipse you just made (the name is probably called ‘Shape 1 vector mask’. )
? click on the ‘load path as a selection icon’ (see image). The round shape will be selected

? Select the PLATE folder again in the layer panel.
? Then click on the mask icon in your layer panel. A mask will be added to your folder, and the surroundings of the plate will disappear.

? disable the layer with the ellipse shape / make it invisible.
!!! Note: In case your product has a different shape, like a mug or perhaps a dress, then you could use the selection tool (e.g. the lasso tool) from your tool panel and make a selection with it.
If you are happy with your selection, simply create a new folder, click on ‘add vector mask’ and your mask will be ready to use. Drag the artwork into that folder and place it where you want.

Step 5:
?Adding your illustration.
?Copy & Paste your illustration into the photoshop file and drag its layer into the PLATE folder.
?Position it the way you prefer
?Make sure the layer is still selected in the layer panel and then click on the menu top left within the layer panel.
?Choose for ‘multiply’. (Or you can also use linear burn or colour burn if the result looks better’.


And you’re done!
This ‘multiply’ effect does the following with your layer:
The layer will become transparent and all whites have become invisible. You can see the shape of the plate shining through your illustration. It looks as if the illustration is actually printed on the plate.



And that’s how you make a quick mock-up.
After these basics you can change colors, add embossing and shadow effects, add your logo/copyrights, etc to enhance the image.

This was my final:

I hope this tutorial helped you. But if there are any questions, please ask them by leaving a comment below 🙂

Next to the multiply option, there are lots of other effects available in the layer panel (color burn, linear burn, overlay etc, etc).
Try them out sometime and see what they can do. They can really add a little more to your artwork.



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