The tin can project

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October is known for its fun projects on social media. Some people try to quit a bad addict like smoking or drinking (also known as #stoptober), while others follow their creative needs and join the well-known #inktober with its daily prompts.
I decided to jump the bandwagon and created a personal project that I hoped would keep me inspired throughout the month.

It was October 2018 when I created the first entry for my so-called #tincantober project on Instagram which I started posting on a daily base.
Craving to share my love for vintage packaging, I originally started painting some of the older boxes from my own tin can collection. But after a few days, I noticed that it was actually a lot more fun to invent my very own tin cans instead.
Long story short, I instantly changed my project goals and started inventing my own (quirky) products. My dream is that I will someday design a real tin can collection for either chocolate or tea, or whatever crosses my path.
Who knows?
A dream like that might come true, right? 🤞

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