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Welcome to my webshop!

Hi, I’m Miriam, an artist from the Netherlands who loves creating artwork that brings a smile to your face. I love creating illustrations for (children’s) books, but also love to focus on surface design. After some requests, I decided to open a little web shop that offers some prints and other products with my art on it. Feel free to browse around.

About my products:

Original artwork and items
Sometimes, I sell customized products or original artwork in my shop.
These will be sent out from the Netherlands on a Tuesday before 5 PM and will have a different shipping method and fee than Printful uses.
Keep an eye out in my store because these items often sell out very quickly.

Printful products
Some of my products (f.e: the art prints, mugs, and apparel) come from the California based print on demand shop called Printful. They create my products the moment an order comes in and send them out from the USA, and Europe (depending on the products and the location of their warehouses).
Of course, I’ve tried these products myself before selling them. I love their stuff and sell these products with confidence that their quality and service will be guaranteed.

About the Copyrights

You buy the product, not the copyright
When you buy a product from me, you buy an item with my artwork, but you’re not buying my copyright.
Especially with my original artwork, I’d like to emphasize that you don’t buy the copyright or the right to reproduce the artwork in any way. It’s not allowed to copy the product you bought to use for commercial purposes (f.e.: sales of products, prints, or use as a logo, weblog, your website, etc.) When you buy the artwork or any other product with my art on it, you automatically agree with these terms. All work is copyrighted © by Miriam Bos.
Copyright infringement will be dealt with.

If you’re a company and would like to license my work or wish to commission me, please contact my agent or me, and we’ll happily go through the details with you.

I’m a one-woman-business

Please keep in mind that I’m a one-woman-business.
I do all the creating, product designing, the shop updates, and part of the handling and shipping myself. It means I can’t compete with big companies and webshops if it comes to offering the same quick shipping services, pricing, or discounts.

In case of ordering original artwork, games, or customized products:
I will dedicate my Tuesdays to handle packing and shipping, and send out all orders of original/customized artwork.
This way, I can combine it with my client’s work and create new fun products for my shop during the rest of the week.
When you order original artwork or a customized item from my shop on a Tuesday, please keep in mind that I’ll send it to you the next upcoming Tuesday after you placed the order and payment have been received.

In case of ordering Printful products (prints, mugs, apparel):
No worries, my printful products will be processed the moment you’ve placed + paid for your order.
See below for more information regarding delivery.


Currently, you can pay with Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Shipping details:

All shipping costs for Printful orders are automatically calculated depending on the country you’re located.
All orders shipped from the Netherlands are sent from PostNL, using their standard pricing.
During checkout, you can overview your total costs including shipping before placing your order.

When you want to order an item from my Printful shop AND a product that I ship from home, it’s possible that you are charged double shipping. That’s because part of your order will be shipped from the Netherlands, and the other part will be shipped by Printful. My apologies if this causes any inconvenience.


Prints from Printful are usually shipped to you in a cardboard tube.
Apparel might reach you in a plastic bag.
Other items may come to you in a cardboard box with protective wrapping of the products inside.

Original artwork:
Depending on the size, my original artwork will be shipped from my home in a cardboard tube, A4-sized envelope, or cardboard box.
Games, books, puzzles, etc:
These will be sent in a cardboard box and may contain corrugated cardboard or old newspapers to keep the items secure.

I recycle my cardboard boxes, so please keep in mind that you might receive your order in a cardboard box that has already been used before. I will make sure it looks nice and decent though. But this way, I try to reduce my waste by recycling my packaging whenever it’s possible.

I ship to the countries that are listed on the checkout page. If your country is not on the list, I won’t be able to ship to you. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Delivery times

Different for each country
Please be aware that delivery times may vary per country.
It all depends on:
– the postal service of the country you live in
– where the product was sent from
– and the way your Customs service will handle your package.
Once the item has been shipped out, my hands are bound. I can give you an estimated time but can’t promise you when it will arrive exactly.

Delivery times for Printful:
Printful takes 2-7 business days to create apparel products (t-shirts etc.) and 2-5 business days for non-apparel (posters etc.) products. Then you should add shipping time on top of that.
97.66% of their orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than half of their orders are shipped within 3 business days or less.*
During checkout, you can select the shipping option which gives you an estimate of the delivery time after printing.

*Please keep in mind that these estimates will take a bit longer during the holiday season.

Pick-up service?
Nope, sorry. Due to my schedule and my privacy, I don’t offer pick-up services. 🙃

Oh ! One more thing

Double-check your address before placing an order.
When you’ve filled in a wrong or an incomplete shipping address, and the order has already been sent out to you, I won’t take any financial responsibility for this mistake. Of course, feel free to place a new order at your own cost and I can send you a new item, provided it wasn’t a one-of-a-kind original artwork.

Please note: By placing an order, you acknowledge to have read and agreed to all of the terms above.


Some FAQ

Can I contact you through social media

Preferably not. When you contact me there regarding an order, there is a high possibility I won’t see it in time.
If you have any questions about your order or any trouble at all, please contact me at [email protected].

How do I use my discount code

If you have a discount code, it can be filled out during the checkout process of your purchase.
When you view your cart, you’ll find the option on the left side of the page underneath the selected products you want to check out.
Please note there is no refund possible afterward, so make sure you fill in the code during the ordering process. Thanks.

Can you add a personal note to my order?

Yes, but I can only do this when you order original artwork/books/puzzles or games from me.
It’s possible to request a short custom note.
For example:
I’ll add an A6 art-postcard to your order and write a short personalized message on it if for you. You can tell me what to write.
Or I can write something on the product if there is space for it.
During checkout, you can leave me a message in the box that’s called ‘order note’. You’ll find it on the page called ‘Billing Details’ at the very bottom on your left.

Can you gift wrap my order?

I’m sorry, I can’t offer gift wrapping or other special requests. Thanks for understanding.

Can you sign your artwork /book for me?

Yes, I can.
But regarding autographs, I can only sign original artwork and books that are sent from my own place. When you buy an art print, it will be sent to you from the Printful facilities, and I won’t be able to sign it.

Why am I charged double shipping?

When you want to order an item from my Printful shop AND a product that I ship from home, it’s possible that you are charged double shipping. That’s because part of your order will be shipped from the Netherlands, and the other part will be shipped by Printful. My apologies if this causes any inconvenience.

Thank you!!!