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Peter Pan

By 31 October , 2016 March 8th, 2019 2 Comments

I received a great little package in my mailbox today!

My copy of ‘First Stories – Peter Pan’ arrived, and I am so excited to share it with you. The book has little mechanisms hidden inside, and is especially fun for toddlers.

Miriam Bos copyright- First Stories Peter Pan

Peter Pan was really a lovely topic to illustrate for a younger audience. And I know I’d LOVE to illustrate it for an older audience as well some day.
As a kid I already enjoyed the story of Peter Pan and Wendy and the adventures with the Lost Boys. While working on the illustrations I’ve been listening to the audio book and had quite a chuckle at the typical British humour and way of storytelling. I actually loved the character of Wendy’s dad too. He usually doesn’t get much attention in the stories.

This book is a great introduction for the little ones to a boy named Peter Pan, who didn’t want to grow up.
It was a fun challenge to capture the characters and part of the storyline in four spreads only, and we didn’t even manage to cover them all. My favourite illustration to work on was the children’s bedroom with all the old fashioned toys and furniture.
I made this dorky animation from the spread illustration, haha.


The book is available at Amazon and possibly in your local book store too!

Please enjoy the little movie below.
Wishing you a great and magical day!

?Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”








  • Wensdi says:

    This was my two year olds favourite go to bed time book for about 8 months. She adored it, I loved the clever ways the pull outs worked to reveal story elements. The book is gorgeous.

    • irrimiri says:

      Hi Wensdi,
      Thanks so much for your kind words regarding the book. It was a fun project to work on and I’m so happy to hear that your girl enjoyed it so much!
      Have a great weekend!

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