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I can’t believe it!

About two years ago I started working on a colouring page, just for fun. I shared it on my social media network and got some amazing response which encouraged me to make more. After some thinking I decided that I wanted to create my own self published book project from the pages I created.
Self publishing meant that I could take my sweet time for it, because often I had to squeeze in some extra drawing-time in between my other projects to be able to work on it.

During this period I was approached by three publishers who where interested in my line art and wanted to work on a colouring book with me. They liked the lady theme, but wanted me to create up to 30 pages of line art in a very short period of time. Thirty pages is the standard amount for a published colouring book, and that just didn’t work for me. It all felt too rushed, and I really preferred working on this project at my own pace if possible. That way I could actually enjoy myself while creating new line art, without feeling all stressed and rushed to get it all done in time. These detailed pages take a little bit more preparation time, and I am a little bit picky about the subjects I draw, because they are in a way personal taste. Sometimes it takes me a few days before I know what I want to create.
In the end I drew 16 pages and I am considering drawing more when I find some time for it.

Sixteen pages does not seem like much, but personally I prefer a smaller colouring book over a big book with too many drawings to pick from. And I know I am not the only one. I often feel a bit overwhelmed when the books have too many pages in them. Where to start?
And I’d like to finish them at some point too, so I can move on to another book with another theme. With those big books it seems to take forever to do just that.

My pages feature ladies from other times. Some of them were inspired from different classical paintings.? For example; I was inspired by tapestry from the Middle Ages and painters like Boticelli, Rossetti, Waterhouse, Klimt, van Gogh and more. Maybe you recognize some of them.
Other pages were just made up by me without any reference.

I first ordered a ‘try-out’ colouring book for myself to test the paper and see how the line art would work out. And I was happy with the result. The paper is sturdy to draw on. It’s a bit smooth, so it’s great for both pencil and markers. And it’s even possible to work with water colours like gouache, if you don’t make the papers all too wet.

I hope you will like the result as much as I do. For those of you who would like to order the book I created a page on my website with tips & tricks to colour the pages and have fun!

Contents of the book:
– 16 colouring pages on 160gsm paper.
– The pages are only printed on one side.
– The colouring book is stapled so you can easily (and carefully) remove the pages if you would like to frame them or give them to someone.
Simply remove the staple and cut the pages in half with a pair of scissors or an utility knife.? No need to tear them out.
– There is a link to an exclusive page on my website with optional tips and tricks about materials to use, and how to prepare the paper.

P R E - O R D E R now

Pre-orders close on Sunday, 20 November 2016

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