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Customize your memo pad.

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Is your memo pad blank and boring?

This small tutorial originated after buying a blank (glued) memo pad. 

I love using these pads because I often find myself writing down lots of notes and random brainwaves (before misplacing them and recovering them when I don’t need them anymore. 😂)
But when I got home, I felt a bit disappointed that the pad looked so boring. So I decided to enhance it myself and the basics are quite easy.
You can paint on the glued side, but you can also try painting the other sides as well.

What you need:

  • gesso
  • acrylic paint 
  • paintbrushes, and/ or other tools to apply the paint with
  • Scotch tape or painter’s tape. (note: the kind that removes easily without damaging your surface!)

What’s next?

We use acrylic paints because it won’t dissolve once it dries out. Plus it’s not too watery and you can apply it with ‘dry’ layers. 


  1. Take the memo pad + some pieces of the tape. Tape the bottom and top paper sheets of the pad together
    (see image →). This is to keep the pile of notes together and will make it easier to paint on the sides.
  2. Take the glued side of the pad and cover it with gesso (not too thick). It needs this base because the glued surface is a bit too slick to work on.*
  3. Start painting anything you like. It can be an abstract pattern, some polka dots, or lush flowers, birds, bugs, vines…. Whatever comes to mind will work.
    Just remember to keep your layers of paint thin, and don’t use too much water, because it will bleed through the pages.
  4. In case you want to paint one of the non-glued sides, remove and replace the tape and move it so that you can work on that side.
  5. Again: not too thick or too wet or it will bleed between the paper sheets.
  6. Once you’re done, remove the tape and remove the bottom and top paper sheet of the pad (because they may be damaged a little bit).
  7. In case you painted the non-glued sides and find them sticking together; flip the pages of the pad like a book so the individual sheets will come loose again. But make sure the paint has dried thoroughly before you do that.
  8. Well done, you customized your memo pad! It could be a fun gift to give to a friend, or simply keep it yourself!


You can also work on the non-glued sides by adding a thin layer of gesso. But take note that the individual leaves might stick slightly after painting these sides. Like mentioned in step 7, you can simply take the pad in your hands and flip the pages like you would a book to losen them.

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