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Wow, 24 days later and we reached the round-up of my Christmas Countdown.
MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody. And to those of you who aren’t celebrating it: Merry Holidays!

December passed by in a blink of an eye. It’s like someone hit the ‘speed up’ button.
All of the sudden it’s Christmas day, and I am warm and cozy with my family.
We are having a lovely and simple Christmas this year, and I love that we don’t have to do anything big, except relax. And that’s what I intend to do. No presents, no fancy clothes, no big culinary dinner. Just each other’s good company. It’s all we need really.
I am even going to see Star Wars with my dad and brother in law!? I kinda wish I’d brushed up my Star Wars knowledge though. I must have last seen the movies when I was a teenager. That’s quite some time ago haha.

The #christmascountdownwithmiriambos
But let’s get back to the countdown.
I originally intended to keep the illustrations simple and basic. Just a countdown with 24 illustrations with a Christmas/Winter themed imagery and background in it. I didn’t want it to be much more than that because I assumed that it would be too time-consuming to do this every day. Of course this totally worked in theory, but in reality, I couldn’t keep it simple at all! It’s just not in my character.
I started making scenery’s, added more details, played with bright colours. I wanted it to be refreshing. A mix of traditional artwork and some quirkiness. Sticking to a certain colour palette proofed to be quite interesting too. I allowed myself a little bit of flexibility at times though.

Of course, there were days I felt dreary thinking up another subject to draw. It was like my head was drawing a blank. I think it might have been a bit of a Christmas/winter overload.
On other days I managed to draw a few things in advance so I could work ahead. But occasionally I had to make something very last minute, which resulted in me staying up late after midnight to post the illustration. (When I start a project I’m taking it quite seriously. Otherwise, don’t start a project. Right? ?)

About Surtex again
Anyway, the countdown is over now. I feel a bit of relief and a bit unfortunate at the same time. Relief because it proved quite a challenge to come up with all these illustrations each and every day for more than 3 weeks. Unfortunate because it’s over, and I enjoyed it. But it all proved very useful!
As I’ve mentioned before I am exhibiting at the upcoming Surtex show in May 2016 (booth 350 by the way!) Lots and lots of preparations go into it. I’ve already been making artwork to show at this event even though it’s still 5 months away. Christmas and Holiday related artwork is one of the things that’s always in great demand. I’ve wanted to do an illustrated countdown for ages, but I also needed to work on my portfolio. So to use the Dutch saying ‘Twee vliegen in 1 klap’ (Two flies in one blow),? it seemed like a smart thing to combine the two. Thanks to this project I have a fresh body of Holiday artwork that I will be putting into my lookbook.

Here are the last illustrations of this week counting down from day 7 to day 1. When you scroll down you can also view a compilation of all the artwork together.
Thanks so much if you followed my countdown! I really hope you’ve enjoyed it.

If you did, let me know in a comment. Love to read it 😀


? 2015 Miriam Bos – all rights reserved. Please note that usage, reproduction or altering of this artwork is not permitted.











  • Petra says:

    Oh my god, I adore everything of it 😀 especially the lively colors, all the tiny details and the cute animals and flower/nature decorations. Good job ^_^!

  • I have already written you a a message on Instagram but cannot resist the chance to say thank you once again – your countdown was super gorgeous and I enjoyed every minute of it! Lovely also to get a little bit of “behind the scenes,” info from your blog. I am certain you will have an amazing and successful time at Surtex, Good Luck, and I look forward to seeing your snippets along the way. Victoria xx

    • irrimiri says:

      Hi Victoria, I am so sorry for my late reply. Thanks so much for your sweet comment (Also on instagram).
      I am so happy you enjoyed it so much. xx

  • Billie Moffat-Knox says:

    These are a absolutely beautiful are they available to buy as Christmas cards?! X

  • Myrna says:

    Dear Miriam: I love your drawings of the 24 days of Christmas! They are the cutest, most beautiful illustrations. I hope you will publish them soon in some form. Sincerely, Myrna

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