Christmas Countdown | Day 16 to 8

By 18 December , 2015 January 10th, 2016 2 Comments

Yay, It’s almost weekend and we are only a week away from Christmas.
I feel like the weeks simply flew by! My days are currently a 100% filled with making artwork and doing Surtex preparations.
This month I made many illustrations for my #christmascountdownwithmiriambos on instagram. Seventeen and a half to be precise.
You can view my previous post with the artwork of the first days.

Below I am sharing the new artwork I made.
This countdown really has been (and still is) a challenge for me. I am using this opportunity partly as a preparation for Surtex 2016.
I am going to exhibit solo next year and want to show up with an interesting portfolio!
But the countdown itself is also a form of practice. I’m pushing myself to create new artwork, working with this rythm, and trying to think of fun and hopefully appealing subjects to draw.

Every year there are a large number of friends and colleague illustrators doing a countdown like this. Some keep it (sort of) simple while others go nuts with their jaw dropping details. I really enjoy following them all! But at the same time I notice it makes me struggle a bit more to come up with a subject myself.
With this Christmas/Winter theme I see lots of the same subjects passing by. And of course I’m totally taking part in that myself. You can’t really avoid it. For example: I tried to draw some different things instead of foxes, penguins, polar bears and deers. But as you might have noticed, some deers sneaked into some of my designs anyway. (Cheeky deers!). And well.. I couldn’t really stay away from foxes either. I just love foxes!
(My sweet August the Fox will be featuring at least one more time this week.)
Of course I planned the designs for this countdown before I even started it. I made a schedule and sketches and wrote down many ideas. So I do have a guideline to work with which really helps. Though I tend to stray from it a bit every now and then. Or when I see someone else had the same idea as me.
I guess that in the end what matters most of all is that you simply do it your own way, with your own style and your own ideas. Even if it’s the same subject over and over again ?

Regarding the colours of my designs: I have tried to restrict myself to work within a certain palette when I started this. At some point I strayed a bit with my candle design and wasn’t quite happy about it. I posted it anyway because I didn’t really have time to have another look at it.
Even though I wasn’t happy about it I received a lot of positive comments! My husband even made it his avatar on facebook, haha. But funny enough it still itched in the back of my mind. I couldn’t leave it be. So I decided to make a new version which I personally love better and still follows the colour palette.

I bet that, if you are an artist, you recognize that frustrating feeling when a design is just not exactly done yet. Your audience will probably not notice, but YOU notice. You just can’t leave it alone right? I know I can’t!
So in this blog post I am posting my new candle design. You can view the old version on instagram if you are curious.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the artwork so far!
7 more to go!

Happy Weekend!
And leave a comment if you like to share your thoughts! I love to hear what you think ?

? 2015 Miriam Bos – all rights reserved. Please note that usage, reproduction or altering of this artwork is not permitted.






  • Catarina says:

    I love reading your posts, thank you for writing about how hard this can be! The designs are beautiful, I wouldn’t say they look effortless because they are very rich in colors and details and seems that you put a lot of thinking on them. These will make a beautiful portfolio for Surtex I’m sure. Regard the topics I think you are doing a great job and feel free to use christmassy things because it will be on your unique style and beautiful for sure. Wish you the best luck for Surtex, I will ask Santa for a ticket plain to visit you 😀

    • irrimiri says:

      Thanks SO much Catarina. Sorry for my late reply. I thought I replied already but apparently not haha.
      It’s so nice to read your comment. By now the countdown is over and it was quite a challenge, but fun. xx
      Merry Christmas! to you!

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