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Binkie not for sale

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Hurray, I have some fun news to share.

Together with the amazing team?of Cottage Door Press?and my sweet agent Wundergarden, I worked on a little book for babies who are starting to learn new things.
The book is for kids of 19 months and older.
‘Binkie not for sale’ is a short story, written by Robin Rose, about a cute little kid?that doesn’t want to give up her pacifier yet.
But then a sweet puppy crosses?her path….

When working on this project I had to do some extra?research. The red thread of the story is the garage sale. And here in the Netherlands we don’t have garage sales.
Of course we do have our occasional ‘rommelmarkten‘ or jumble sales. And at Kings’ day, children will sit on blankets/tablecloths on the street and sell all kinds of random stuff?they?want to get rid off.
It’s similar to the stuff sold at a garage sale, but at the same time, a bit different.
I wanted to be sure that the illustrations really looked like an American garage sale, and of course I had to look at the type of houses too. It was a fun challenge.

Something I really like about the book is the ‘open’ cover. The face is cut out and when you go to the next page?you see the same kid, but without her binkie, and with a cheeky face 😀
The book is available at Cottage Door Press and Amazon.

If you like this book, or even bought the book, let me know and leave a comment below. I love to hear what you think!
You can view more illustrations in?my portfolio.

Wishing you a lovely day!



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