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Bambi for Storytime Magazine

By 20 February , 2016 May 3rd, 2019 No Comments

I got to do another fun project for the lovely people of Storytime Magazine, and I am thrilled that I can finally share it with you.
Their latest issue (issue 18) is now available and I received my copy today.
Opening it, I was immediately welcomed by a splash of color from the gorgeous illustrations made by all the talented artists.
I am so proud to be part of this issue.

Storytime Magazine is really something special, I know I would’ve loved this as a kid.
It’s a magazine with stories from over the world aimed at boys and girls of all ages.
It contains fairytales, legends, myths, and other forgotten stories.
On top of that, the magazine is printed on a lovely quality paper too.

The people behind Storytime wrote an interesting blog post about the reasons they launched Storytime magazine. You can read more here.



I was asked to draw the story of Bambi and got to do both the cover of the magazine and the inside illustrations. It was a dream job, because I really love drawing forest animals in general, and cute deers are my favorite. Bambi has been a fun adventure for me.

I hope you like it too!

Do you like Storytime too? Or have you enjoyed my illustrations?
Let me know in a comment. I love to hear what you think.



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