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I was beyond happy yesterday when I received new samples from a project I’ve worked on this summer.
It was a lovely illustration job that I got to do with the super kind people of the French company?Deux Coqs d’Or.
They commissioned me to create a range of icons for a set of temporary tattoos + a set of fabric transfers, and both turned out so exquisitely in color.
The themes were varied. For the fabric transfers, I created summery icons of birds, ice cream, florals,?rainbows, and unicorns. While for the tattoos, the festivities of the holidays were taken into account. So I created snow crystals, polar bears, deer, angel wings and more, and part of them can be used as necklaces or bracelets.
Both sets are gold embellished and it looks all nice and shiny. I already tried on some of the bracelet tattoos and I’m just loving the way it looks!

Where to buy

If you’re curious where to buy them for the holidays, then check out these links:
– Tattoo Pack
– Fabric Transfers Pack
(Or you can click on the images below).


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